Digital Transcription

*Medical Transcription

*Legal Transcription

*General Transcription

All transactions are secure and encrypted with a built-in 128-bit symmetrical encryption.

How Does Digital Transcription Work?

Digital Voice Recorders

The Absolute System provides our customers with many benefits.  It is very easy to use the application.  Below is a brief overview of the process:

* Use a digital recorder to dictate files - We recommend using Olympus however our system works with many different brands of recorders.

*Digital files are uploaded by simply setting the recorder in the docking station which is connected to the computer using the Absolute System. The program takes over from there. That simple!!

*We receive the file instantly and start transcribing your dictations.

*Retrieval process options Encrypted Email, Secure FTP, Fax, or Mail.

*You then are able to edit and archive your transcriptions.