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Absolute Transcription is very reliable. They have provided me with transcription service since February of 2001. The quality of work is excellent. They have always met my deadlines without complaint. Amy Barton, the owner, is a very easy person with whom to work. She takes direction easily and is always trying to improve the transcription service. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. My work that they have done has met the highest standards of this profession.


We have had the pleasure of working with Amy Barton and Absolute Transcription. Our dictation turnaround time was very prompt and accurate. Amy always displayed a cheerful and positive attitude. I would recommend Absolute Transcription to anyone needing medical transcription or other transcribing services.


I am a family physician with Primary Care Partners in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have been using Absolute Transcription dictation service for my patient dictation since November 2002. Absolute Transcription uses up-to-date technology to allow me to use a digital Dictaphone instead of the old-fashion tape Dictaphone. Once dictated then is uploaded to/retrieved from their application using encryption technology. I feel this is important as new HIPAA privacy concerns may make it difficult to transport analog tapes out of the clinic for transcription in the future. Recent improvements in their application have also made it more convenient and quicker to access the completed dictation. Absolute Transcription provides good initial set up and support. Overall I am very pleased with the service provided by this company and its application.


Absolute Transcription has provided us with accurate transcription for several years. We were concerned about the new HIPAA regulations and the changes we needed to implement to meet the requirements. We were very excited when Absolute Transcription introduced their digital application to us. It solved all of our worries with encryption, security, convenience, etc. We were able to keep Absolute Transcription as our reliable transcription service and enhance it with their system to become digital. The turnaround time for the transcription is very fast. The application has allowed us to upload files from home or office at anytime which is very convenient. Printing and searching for patients from any location is a wonderful tool. We also have asked for special features and Absolute Transcription was able to meet our needs in a very timely fashion. We would not hesitate to recommend this application and transcription service to all clinics and hospitals.


Absolute Transcription has provided us with their transcription service for over three years. We plan on using their service for the foreseeable future. Absolute Transcription has always given quality transcription in a timely fashion. We have had the company pick up tapes in the past and they were very dependable. We currently use their digital upload system which is great. We are very satisfied with the services they have provided. We would recommend their services to someone looking for a reliable company.